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Slot Machine Secrets
How To Find Loose Slot Machines!
Blackjack Secrets
Learn How To Play BlackJack and WIN!
Also Included
Roulette Systems and Craps Systems!

14 Year Computer Programmer Breaks His Silence on How Slot Machines are Programmed!

The Loose Slot Machine Method Finds Paying Slots Quickly!

Blackjack Methods Written for Beginners to Understand!

Learn Simple Tricks used by Professional Players!

How to double your money every hour starting with as little as $20.00 playing the Slots!

Learn Basic Strategy - A Few Rules to Swing the Blackjack Odds Your WAY!

Learn a SIMPLE Card Counting Trick That's So Easy A Child Could Learn!

Valuable Tips and Tricks for Playing Roulette and Craps!

You'll be getting this from the Source! I'm The Author!

Our System works in ALL U.S. Casinos as well as most Foreign Casinos!

Money Back Guarantee if not 100% Satisfied!

Slot Machine Secrets Section:
Just What Are Loose Slot Machines? Not all slot machines are created equal. In the early days, slot machines were totally unpredictable. Each spin of the three reels was independent of other spins, making their stops completely random. There was no "program" to cause the reels to stop on winning combinations a pre-set number of times.

Today's machines are programmed. Each casino must pay out a percentage of what ever they take in each and every day. On average, Slot Machines will pay out as winnings 80% to as high as 98% of all coins that are dropped into the machines. Loose machines are ones which pay back a higher percentage of what they take in. Not All Slot Machines Are Created Equal! In the same casino, you will have one slot machine that pays out 80% right next to a machine that pays out 98%, in fact casinos usually will do this for various reasons. Now which machine would you like to play!?!

Loose slot machines are the ones that pay out a higher percentage of what they take in. These are the machines you want to play. Our Book "Not All Slot Machines Are Created Equal" will explain how casinos decide which machines to program as loose machines. These loose machines can actually pay out more coins in a day's time then they take in. Loose machines must do this to make up for the very tight machine. Once you locate a loose machine just sit back and enjoy!

This insider Slot Machines Secrets will help you in locating loose slot machines within any casino in less than 5 minutes!

NOW INCLUDED! With each Slot Machine Secrets package we now include "The Best Of The Slots". After doing extensive travel to both Atlantic City & Nevada we've compiled a chart which ranks 17 different casinos in terms of payouts! We have also evaluated the payout of $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00 and $5.00 machines. Now you will KNOW what machines to go to and which Casinos to PLAY IN!

Blackjack Secrets Section:
BlackJack Is One Of The Most Popular Games At The Casinos! Blackjack is a very popular game because its the only game in which the odds of winning are really under YOUR control. That's right, by following a few simple rules you can have the odds swing YOUR way! Our chapter on "BlackJack Secrets" will show you how! BlackJack is the only Casino game which YOU have a direct outcome of the game. Our package will show you when its best to bet greater amounts or lessor amounts of money. Our package starts you off with the basic rules of the game, written in a simple easy to understand language which a novice player will understand. Next you progress to a system of play in which the Casino no longer has any advantage over you! Finally you'll learn a system which DOES give YOU an advantage over the Casino.

Many people have heard of Blackjack card counting, however not many people know how it works. The second part of our two part system follows some basic principles of card counting. However our system doesn't require any more math skills then the ability of adding 1 or subtracting 1! If you can add 1+1 you've got all the skills needed! You do not need the superior math and memorization skills needed for "true" card counting systems! However our method still give you a true advantage over the Casino!

Extra Bonus Systems:
Roulette Systems for Profit, and Basic Craps System For Maximum Fun! Roulette is an old Casino game, in fact one of the oldest of the table games. Its a very simple game to play, however without any strategy it can be very profitable for the Casinos! Our package will teach you several different strategies to play which will make Roulette less profitable for the Casinos and more fun & profitable for YOU. Craps is the Casinos most exciting game to play! Just walk into any Casino and you'll ALWAYS see the most excited people and the most noise coming from the Craps tables! However this game can be complex for the beginner to understand. Craps is a game with so many different bets it can be very confusing for the beginner. Some of these bets can actually give the Casino nearly a 17% advantage over you the player. Our book removes the confusion and tells you what the best bets are and how to take the fullest advantage of these nearly wiping out the Casino's advantage and putting chips into your pocket!

Advantages of our System verses Other Systems!

You do not need to trend slot machines!

You do not need to watch other people play for hours!

Works as well on Quarter Machines as it does on Dollar Machines!

Low Bank Roll Required, Only $20.00 for Quarter Machines!

Only $40.00 Bank Roll needed to play Dollar Slot Machines!

Don't Need PhotoGraphic Memory to Play BlackJack!

No Need to Memorize Complex Formulas to Play Roulette!

Written in Easy to Understand Language a Beginner can Understand!

Money Back Guarantee if not 100% Satisfied!

Recent Comments I've Received from Our Customers!
Dear George,

I went to the casino Saturday and won and then I went back on Sunday and won again! The feeling of AT LAST leaving the casino as a winner is just a great feeling that I have been waiting for. I lived 8 years in Monte Carlo, Monaco and I was always loosing and now I know why thanks to your Slot Machine Secrets! Now I follow the advices step by step and it was such a pleasure to do this calmly, watching and then start to play. What Slot Machine Secrets advises you NOT to do was exactly what I observed with other players doing and they were LOOSING!
When I started playing I WON immediately for the first time on the slot machines! Incredible Item!
Kindest Regards,
Robert Hervieu

Just one day after Robert wrote me the above letter, he wrote me the following:

Dear George,
I DID IT AGAIN. I hit the JACKPOT on the Slot Machines. Will now take it easy for a while. Thank you again.
Kindest Regards
Robert Hervieu

Dear George,
I just wanted you to know that I took your advice in the book to heart about not sticking with one machine because it's due to pay off any moment when it hasn't been paying off very much or at all. Instead, I stayed with the machine you suggested and that machine paid off just before going to bed and 4 more times the next day. I kept going back to it and you were right about loose machines paying frequently! I even when to the machine after a woman hit an even bigger jackpot on it than I had and she walked away immediately. Within a few minutes, I hit another smaller but substantial jackpot to keep me going. I actually left Lake Tahoe with a few hundred dollars more than I arrived with. That has NEVER happened before! Thank you again for sharing your secrets!

Very truly yours,

Testimonials Copyright 2002 G. W. Fetter

Hi, I'm George Fetter, the author of "Slot Machine Secrets". I've been playing Slot Machines for over 10 years. I've also been a computer programmer, software engineer and systems designer working on many "Real-Time" Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems which is what Casinos use to control Slot Machine payouts. These payouts are regulated by the Gaming Commission and every Casino must keep very tight control on their payout percentages or risk losing their Gaming License! To maintain this tight of a control, SCADA systems have been used in nearly every Casino in the world. "Slot Machine Secrets" will reveal how you can in only a few minutes, detect which Slot Machines to Play and which to walk away from. Please read my customers Testimonials and you'll see that the methods described in "Slot Machine Secrets" DOES WORK!

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