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Price Complete w/1 year FREE hosting & domain registration
This included minor PHP and SQL programming including sending leads
directly to your email or texted to your cell phone.

Here is what we do for you!

We will come directly to your business to learn what you offer your customers. From that conversation we then will tell you what we can do for you. Based on the type of business you have we have several options of web designs and marketing that will fit your business.

Next we will suggest some new ways your customers can contact you. Most websites will simply have a customer fill out a form which gets emailed to you. While this isn't a bad way, there is a much better and quicker way! With email you will not know you have a potential new customer until you check your email (how often do you check your email?). We are the only web design company that can send your new customer's information directly to your cell phone as a text message. You then know you have a new customer waiting, you can contact them much faster and before they choose a different company!

Just think, wouldn't it be nice if you're just finishing up a job and you just received an instant text message from another new customer? WOW - This is great for Lawn Care, Taxi Drivers, Home Handy Man businesses and more.

We will help you decide what content (this right words) to put on your website that will make your website gain a good Google search engine score. This is very important because that means free advertising!

While its important to get listed on Google, it is a slow process. Time depends on many factors, included what your local compitation is doing! But we do have a trick up your sleeve and that includes SMART Google paid advertising (PayPerClick). And to show you that we know how to make PayPerClick work for you, we'll give you a free trial to prove it can work for you. To learn more about our web marketing & how we use PayPerClick adverting please Click Here!